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Funeral services

Talk directly to one of our consultants. Whatever your needs are, we will guide you through the process.



Bright, modern rooms and serene, tranquil spaces with a full view of nature: the facilities at Belvedere Funeral Complex are designed to meet the particular needs of each family. Our attentive staff will take care of everything for you. We are happy to welcome families, while always respecting their beliefs and spirituality. Call us for more details on our funeral services offered under one roof in the West Island, near Vaudreuil. We help you in organizing a memorial service for your loved ones so that you can say your farewells giving them the respect and dignity they deserve.

les salles d'exposition

Visitation Rooms are peaceful, warm and respectfully designed for viewing the body or the urn, as well as photos and significant objects. Often floral arrangements are included to symbolize the beauty and fragility of life. This moment of reflection allows families to mourn in calm surroundings, with the support of their loved ones.

la chapelle

The Chapel allows loved ones to celebrate the life of the deceased, share their grief and recall happy memories. It is a time for communion between family and friends in a welcoming, modern space, with large picture windows letting in natural light and overlooking a beautiful garden. Of course, everyone honours the life of the deceased in their own way. If you wish, you can project photos, play music, pay homage in song, etc. It is also possible to have funeral services in the place of worship of your choice: we will assist you in the planning and direction of the funeral.

La réception

The Reception is a time for returning to life. This is when family and friends gather at the table to exchange memories and stories. It is also a time when loved ones can share their grief and offer their support. Our multipurpose rooms are suitable for both large and small receptions: we adapt to the desires and needs of each family. A catering service offers varied menus with selections to suit everyone.



By making funeral arrangements in advance, you ensure that your wishes will be respected. You decide all aspects of your funeral, such as cremation or burial, place of worship, chapel, personalization, etc. We offer you the possibility of having all funeral and burial services in one place.


We know that it is important for the funeral service to reflect the life of the deceased and those who have come to mourn. That's why we offer families several options that meet their unique needs.


The death of a loved one is a time when family and friends pay their last respects. Just like funerals, a memorial service is a way to honor a person's life through anecdotes and memories.


It’s a new tradition for families and friends to honor their loved one. Instead of opting for a funeral, some families prefer to organize a memorial service to commemorate the life of a loved one with less structure and religious aspects. Spirituality is often part of the ceremony. The personality and the values of the loved ones and their families are showcased in different ways.

The family has the freedom to define the course of the ceremony and to take active part in the proceedings with speeches, songs and other commemorative activities. It is also an opportunity to come up with ideas based on the preferences and interests of the deceased.


You can count on our team at Belvedere Cemetery and Funeral Complex to organize memorial services for your loved ones near Vaudreuil and in the West Island. Get in touch with us right away.


Have You Made Your Pre-Arrangements?

Make sure your wishes are respected: talk to one of our counsellors about funeral pre-arrangements.

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