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Person holding a red rose next to a casket

After you pass away, it’s often your family members who must take the first steps in making your funeral arrangements. This can be particularly trying and is sometime a source of conflict. To help your loved one’s cope with your death and relieve the burden of co-ordinating funeral details, the knowledgeable in-house counsellors at Belvedere Cemetery and Funeral Complex (on the West Island near Vaudreuil) can help you explore the benefits of making funeral pre-arrangements.

Personal pre-arrangements There’s no specific age at which you should start thinking about making funeral pre-arrangements. The truth is that death can occur at any time. However, unless you suffer from an incurable disease or terminal illness, there are a variety of reasons why it may be more advantageous to wait until you’ve reached retirement age. Here are three of them: 1. You know what you want. Funeral pre-arrangements often include a funeral service and burial rights contract. These documents indicate what type of ceremony you want, whether you prefer cremation or embalming and give you the option to pre-purchase funerary items such as a casket, urn, monument and more. Waiting until you have a clear idea of what you want allows you to make choices accurately reflect your wishes. 2. You’re less likely to move to another area. Funeral pre-arrangements involve selecting locations for your funeral rites, as well as purchasing a burial site, where your physical or cremated remains will be kept. As such, it’s best to make these arrangements at retirement age, when you’re less likely to move. If you do happen to move away, you may be forced to cancel your contract under certain conditions. 3. You’re more financially stable. Depending on the options you choose, the cost of your funeral pre-arrangements could be quite considerable. At retirement age, you’re likely to be financially secure, which can help make paying for your contract less stressful. Pre-arrangements for a loved one You can also make funeral pre-arrangements for a loved one, provided you have signing authority. For example, if the person is terminally ill, you can make the necessary funeral plans and arrangements ahead of time to ensure your loved one’s last wishes are respected. If you have any questions about funeral pre-arrangements, the team at Belvedere Cemetery and Funeral Complex on the West Island would be happy to help. Contact us for compassionate end-of-life advice and services.

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