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How to discuss cremation with your loved ones

Talking to your family members about death and cremation can be difficult. However, it must be done to ensure your end-of-life wishes are respected. At Belvedere Cemetery and Funeral Complex located on the West Island, we understand the importance of having an open discussion about cremation and funeral pre-arrangements with your loved ones. Here’s some advice on how to broach this sensitive subject with those close to you.

When to talk about it

The sooner you talk about cremation, the better. In fact, having a healthy and open discussion about your preferences will ensure your family members respect your final wishes when the time comes. Additionally, it’s best to talk about the subject of cremation when you’re healthy. Doing so will give you plenty of time to evaluate different possibilities and make an informed choice.


When to bring it up

There are many opportunities to bring up the subject of cremation. You can bring it up at a family gathering or wait for a specific milestone like a wedding, anniversary or retirement. Some people bring up the subject of cremation with their family following the death of a colleague or friend. However, you should avoid bringing up the subject of cremation after losing a close family member as it could intensify the feeling of loss.


How to talk about it

You may want to try bringing up the subject of cremation naturally in conversation. For example, you could start by talking about what you want people to remember about you after you pass away. This could lead to a deeper conversation about your end-of-life wishes. Conversely, you may want to be direct with your family and talk frankly about your funeral pre-arrangements and desire to be cremated.


Either way, having this conversation sooner rather than later will ensure your final wishes are respected. You can also take this time to discuss what you want done with your ashes. For example, you may want them buried in a cemetery, scattered somewhere special or kept in a columbarium.


Cremation and funeral services on the West Island

If you have questions about cremation or want to discuss funeral pre-arrangements for yourself or a loved one, the team at Belvedere Cemetery and Funeral Complex can help. We’re located on the West Island and have a compassionate group of counsellors who can help you make an informed decision that respects your beliefs and traditions. Contact us for more information.